Dressing for the Kill on Your First Date

You’ve emptied out your wardrobe and your closet may never be the same again, but still you can’t find the right clothes to wear on that first date.

While you’ve been tearing the house to pieces looking for the perfect dress, he’s probably been crawling through his apartment in a desperate bid to find the socks that he thought he washed in preparation. Relax, people. The reality is that your long awaited first date isn’t a fashion contest and providing you don’t arrive dressed as a clown, everything should be fine.

It’s natural to want to look stunningly beautiful or endearingly handsome for your first meeting, and of course, it can reap the benefits.

Let’s face it; looking gorgeous never does anybody much harm on the dating scene. But you should also be willing to accept that a first date can feel like an almighty big deal if you’re both sporting your finest west end attire. Whereas, blending in with a relaxed atmosphere and feeling comfortable in your clothes will probably go a long way to soothing the nerves and making you feel that it’s “just another day”.

The ladies will naturally make the effort to pamper themselves and apply the right volume of makeup, or arrange their hair in the perfect manner. Guys may even clear out the bank for that latest rich scented aftershave. They’re all nice gestures and hardly going to turn your date off, but they’re not essential.

As far as specific dating tips go, well, if you happen to be somebody who dresses in line with a certain faction of culture, be prepared to tone down your personal preference so that you don’t stand out like Sid Vicious at a tea party. While a well chosen outfit can tie in nicely with your personality, make sure that you know what the normal dress sense for your destination is.

If you’re going out for dinner, you have a great opportunity to fancify yourself accordingly. Make sure you don’t smell like you’ve just rolled out of a long workout, and present yourself as tidy. Smart clothes are always alluring in the right situation, but you’re not going out for a lunch with your boss so you can leave the tie at home.

Don’t work yourself in to a sweat trying to find the perfect outfit to do the seducing for you; the date is going to be a success depending on how your personalities mould – not how severely your clothes clash. Look respectable, but dress to your personality.

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