The Perfect Meal for a First Date

If you’ve decided to share a meal for your first date, make sure you dine somewhere that’s comfortable to the both of you.

Many people will choose to eat out for dinner on their first date. Furthermore, they might decide to reserve the fanciest restaurant in town to try and woo their catch. While he or she might be impressed at your taste of cuisine, they’d still probably prefer to share a comfortable lunch break with no added pressure.

Remember that people tend to associate dinner dates with romantic intentions and tender candlelit meals. This is a wonderful proposition for couples who know each other well and enjoy each other’s company, but if you’re new to your date, it’s probably best to start out simple.

Try organising a lunch in a local restaurant where there’s usually plenty of guaranteed conversation or pick somewhere with entertainment on hand to break those awkward silences. There’s nothing worse than eating out and being put on the spot to initiate conversation in an environment where every other table is shared by married couples.

Even if you don’t eat out at all, what’s the rush? Maybe a coffee or a quiet drink downtown would be a better way to get to know each other. Follow it up with a shared desert and plenty of light hearted humour. You should already be learning whether there’s any chemistry between the two of you.

The great thing about sharing a lunch date is that the pressure is taken off the occasion significantly. If you’re dining out for the evening with the city’s most expensive dish on your table, there’s an expectancy that if you don’t hit it off, the night’s going to be a complete waste of time and a disappointment. This isn’t such a factor if you’re merely feeling each other out over a cup of coffee in a work break.

If you do decide that a dinner date is right for you, make sure that you pick a restaurant of mutual choice. Fish and chips takeaway on a park bench probably isn’t going to look too impressive, but a sophisticated continental meal for two sends out a nice message on many levels.

Of course, if you can somehow obtain the knowledge of what your date loves to eat, that’s a huge bonus! But as long as you pick somewhere with plenty of choice, you should be in for a relatively comfortable evening. Most importantly of all the dating tips, make sure that you pick a restaurant with the right atmosphere. Candlelit tables with gentle romantic violins may be a little strong for a “getting to know you” meal. In general, a diner with a little hustle and bustle is sure to ease you both in and act as a comfortable setting to be yourselves.

Remember, the priority is getting to know each other and establishing whether you’d like a second date – NOT enjoying your favorite dish in somebody else’s company!

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