How to Make an Impression on Your First Date

It’s the question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point; how can I impress my date?

Okay, so maybe we don’t ask the question literally, but subconsciously, it’s almost always on our minds. From the way we dress to the way we act, there’s no getting around the fact that on a first date, we’re out to make an impression. Nobody wants to come away from that first meeting looking unappealing, and if you follow a few simple dating rules – which apply to both dating men and dating women – You can put yourself in good stead to make the impression that you’d like.

Most importantly, and it’s amazing how many people overlook this, remember that a first date isn’t about one person telling the tale of their life while the other pays close attention. If you expect to recite your life autobiography over that first dinner, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Be prepared to listen, but also to talk. Ask your date questions and convey your interest but do try not to make it sound like an interrogation.

Forcing threatening questions on a man or woman isn’t likely to draw a pleasant reaction during those early stages where you’re trying to feel out the chemistry that may or may not be there. Keep it light hearted and share your interests.

Politeness is a must, but be careful not to sound like a pompous knight of the thirteenth century. Sure, some good manners never go amiss, but your date is much more likely to prefer a genuine experience between two friends. If you’re exploring the vibes, it’s probably not a good idea to crank up the charm too much on the first date.

Casual flirting is a great way to break the ice and put each other in a comfortable zone. But once again, don’t go overboard. There’s nothing particularly endearing about having to fend off somebody from across the dinner table before you know their surname.

As hard as it may seem, try to remember that you’re not pitching a business plan to a stranger. Everything should be as natural as possible and make the effort to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Good humor will go a long way to getting the date off on the right track and as they say, laughter is the perfect medicine for many problems. First date anxieties are most definitely one of those problems.

Try to make your date feel special. This doesn’t have to be achieved through bouquets of flowers and surprise gifts. The best way to charm somebody is by genuinely being interested in them. If you show that you care, and open yourself up, you should find that banishing those initial fears is much easier than you first imagined.

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